Capture Mobility aims to generate green energy by placing specially designed wind mills by the side of the runways, highways, metro tracks and motorways to harvest the air movement of the passing by traffic as well as the solar energy. We have designed a combo product with integrated solar panels.

It is able to generate green energy 24/7 by the air movement of the passing by traffic. Integrated solar panels at the top add extra energy to system during day time. A small device E-tree is also installed with the wind mills which purify the smoky air on the roads.

You can watch the successful demonstration of our project here.

The cost of each turbine is around 200$ and it is able to produce around 300 Watt. which is 90% efficient and way more competitive than the typical solar or wind products.



– Selected as the top 100 breakthrough technologies to present in the falling walls Conference Berlin

– CleanTech Energy Award by UNIDO

– Shell Young Entrepreneur Award

– Endorsement By UK Trade and Investment & Chile Government

– Winner of Sirius Program of UK Trade & Investment

– Selected as a Fellow in American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue & Solutions (AMENDS) Summit Turkey

– Selected among the Top 8 Social Entrepreneurs from all over the world in Social Entrepreneurship Forum Sweden

– Selected among top 25 under 25 high achievers of Pakistan

– Selected among the top 6 finalists from all over Pakistan by Atlantic Council Washington Dc and got the 60,000$ investment.

– Selected as a Young Entrepreneurs by Malaysian Ministry of Finance in the pool of top 60 young talented Entrepreneurs from all over the world to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia

Objectives and beneficiaries

Energy + Air pollution Reduction Simultaneously:

So with our solution we are not only generating electricity but also removing the air pollution on the highways where the pollution is being generated.
By putting these turbines on the highways and connecting them together we can generate megawatts of electricity which can then be supplied to the national grid or the near by off grid village or colony. By doing that we can reduce their load of energy generation through burning of coal or oil. This will definitely reduce the air pollution.

Used for Local Consumers on rooftops:

Apart from that our turbine is very lightweight and portable. It can be easily installed on the rooftops of the consumers of the rural areas. And by using this they will not only get a reliable source of energy with our hybrid model but will also be purifying the air. We also attach a mobile charging port with our solution for the people of rural areas so that women don't have to go to long distances and now they can charge their mobile phones at home easily.

Strong points of the practice

Until there have been typical solar, geothermal and wind energy solutions but they have a lot of limitations i.e. solar solutions work only for sunny places and work efficiently at peak hours. In the same way conservative wind mills depend on the air pattern which only exists near coast lines.

However we are the first to develop a hybrid solution which harvests both the wind and the solar energy simultaneously. An air filter attached with turbine uses its rotation to filter the smoky air.

Our hybrid wind mills can be easily placed on the side of highways, motorways and high speed rail tracks. They do not cause any hindrance for the ongoing traffic as they are placed on the side of highways. Also they don’t pose any threat because they are made of very light material fiber glass.

Expected results and benefits for climate change adaptation and mitigation

According to an estimation of WHO 60% of the air pollution is caused by the traffic smoke. Due to which a lot of people who are living near by the highways are mostly affected because of the pollution.

Air pollution is one of the main causes of premature deaths in the world. Of all major global health risks, outdoor air pollution in the form of fine particles is found to be much more dangerous for public health than previously known - contributing annually to over 2 million premature deaths worldwide. The WHO global study ranks air pollution as one of the top 10 killers in the world, with 65 percent of all air pollution deaths occurring in Asia.

By implementing our project we will be able to reduce the Carbon particles from the environment 450 grams per year per turbine by our integrated filtering sheets. BY just implementing 1000 of these turbines we will be able to reduce PM 10, PM 2.5 and NO in tons which produces cancer and asthma. And not only this but by generating the clean energy we will also reduce the load of coal power plants which will reduce the air pollution.

Replicability potential of the practice

Roads Exists Everywhere:

Roads are increasing as well as expanding to foster the needs of the fast growing population in all over the world and this process will never end. Our innovative idea is to place our hybrid windmills across the highways, motorways or high speed railway tracks. So it can be scaled up easily. By connecting these turbines together we will not only generate megawatts of electricity but also reduce the carbon footprint on the highways.

Easy Scalable According to Load:

We can scale up our innovative product according to the requirements and the length of the roads. It would be just like a power plant on the road in which we can add up the output of small wind turbines to generate the megawatts of electricity. For example we have existing solar power plants across the globe in which there are thousands of small solar panels joined together to generate megawatts of electricity. These wind turbines can easily be scaled up to generate the required amount of electricity i-e the output of each wind turbine will be added up to fulfill our requirement. It is just the scaling of our product. If any turbine get mal functioned it could easily be replaced with the new one and load will be divided on the other units.


And being the part of Swarm intelligence our wind turbines can supply electricity according to the load. Each unit is capable to deliver 200 watts of continuous electricity. To match up the needs of demand we can just add multiple of these turbines on the highways, which is very simple because of the portability of our product.

As our product is light weight and portable, it can be used for domestic purposes also. It requires very less wind speed i-e 2 m/s to start generating electricity so it can easily be placed at the roofs of houses, offices, warehouses and other buildings as well. We can also scale up our innovation to power up the areas across the motorways. The areas across the motorways are often off grid and they don’t get electricity because the transmission of electricity to those areas from the grid is not economical so our innovation can be scaled up to solve this problem. In short scaling up and replication is necessary in our innovation to address the problem of energy crisis and air pollution.