Ecomate is a new online marketplace entirely dedicated to ecological products and services made in Europe. A serious and growing environmental damage is undergoing, and anthropogenic climate change and the over-exploitation are solely driven by human activity. Without a prompt and proper modification of consumption and production models, humanity is going to face severe repercussions.

Ecomate wants to make the difference not only as a provider of information and intermediator for an eco-compatible trading, but mostly as an agent of concrete change: it aims at innovating an obsolete and harmful model of consumption while helping customers to make the right choice both for their business and for the environment. Ecomate wants to contribute to the European green-economy by supporting solutions that bring economical, health and social benefits.

The Ecomate project links buyers and sellers, working as an intermediary. The algorithm created (“green ranking”) classifies the index of eco-compatibility of the various products, while the advanced search (“green filters”) makes the users able to profile and select companies by ecological standards.

Through a direct communication among users, the platform eases bureaucracy and transaction fees, creates trust between buyers and sellers, and tries to render eco-sustainable commerce affordable for everyone.

Objectives and beneficiaries

The main objective is to raise a European marketplace for eco-sustainable products, where to link buyers and sellers, enhancing a greener development.

Other objetives are:

-education and formation on the meaning of green-economy
-sustainable development, environmental protection and ecological innovation
-buying more “Made in Europe” and promoting its quality
-promoting and protecting work ethics, transparency, quality, design and intellect of our SME
-creating a circular economy where natural resources and products are obtained in a sustainable way
-focusing on efficient energy production by using renewable energy technology
-promoting public health

Strong points of the practice

It gives value to European SME and green products, promoting sustainable production and consumption.
Ecomate can address climate-related impacts by improving the production chain, sustaining a green development.

Expected results and benefits for climate change adaptation and mitigation

-creation of a circular economy
-use of efficient energy, green production and consumption
-environmental protection
-improvement of public health

Replicability potential of the practice

Algorithm could be a barrier.

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