Creativity is becoming the new paradigm of sustainability, leading to an economy that ehnances human intelligence. The thesis project investigates how Istanbul can progress starting from its creative sources like human capital, culture and innovation. Istanbul has to equip itself with the infrastructures necessary to be, by 2050, a highly creative city: a loop infrastructure will surround the urbanized part of the city, linking the different creative clusters through an efficient transportation network. Along the axis linking the cultural pole (Beyoglu) with the innovative pole (Maslak), twelve “buildings-lanterns” will be distributed, enabling the access to the elevated mobility and specializing in the attraction, production and exportation of knowledge. The street will be bio-compatible: the soil now occupied by the road will become a huge urban park, with some areas dedicated to cultivation. It will be energetically autonomous.

Objectives and beneficiaries

The city of Istanbul.

Strong points of the practice

The creation of an app for Android.

Expected results and benefits for climate change adaptation and mitigation

The study of a future scenario about the city of Istanbul starting from its creativity potential.