When flooding hits, sandbags are very often used as the first barrier of defence. However sandbags are far from ideal as a flood barrier because they are prone to leakage, labour-intensive to put in place, and usable only once. Fluvial Innovations have produced an alternative, which is cheap, easy to assemble and reusable. The Floodstop Flood barrier is a series of interlocking hollow plastic blocks which fill with water as flood levels rise. Its weighted connection keys ensure that an assembled barrier is heavier than the water. The Floodstop barrier is now used throughout Europe, and in the UK alone Fluvial Innovations have sold well over 4km of Floodstop barrier. Floodstop pods fill with the rising flood water, this, combined with the weighted connections keys, means that an assembled barrier will always be denser than the flood water. Each pod incorporates a unique foam gasket base.
When the foam gasket is placed under pressure by the self-filling units a seal with the ground is created. The beauty of this patented system is that no bolting to the ground is required. It also means that when the flood waters recede, the pods empty themselves and become light enough to be carried away. Each modular unit (excluding the multi-hubs) equates to a metre of barrier. Floodstop flood barriers are equally as effective when positioned on roads, pavements, driveways, grass and soil.

Objectives and beneficiaries

Communities subjected to sea level rise.

Strong points of the practice

Flood barriers can be deployed quickly and easily, and can be used to protect a driveway, garage door or entire building from flooding.

Expected results and benefits for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Protecting areas to sea level rise.

Replicability potential of the practice