GAIA is a project financed by the Life+09 European Fund, coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna, and that involves 4 Partners: IBIMET CNR (Institute of Biometeorology), Impronta Etica, Cittalia and Unindustria.
The main objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the local level through the creation of a partnership between Municipality and companies to plant trees throughout the municipal area.

Main activities include:

– preliminary research and collection of best practices for the development of the partnership;
– definition of public-private partnership model by identifying actors to be involved, common objectives, targets and benefits for each;
– identification of the technical tools necessary to make the project replicable and diffusible, identifying the criteria for the selection of areas in which plant, the kind of trees for the best performance in terms of CO2 absorption and removal of pollutants and procedures to ensure sustainable management of green areas planted.

The partnership will be implemented through an agreement between the companies, who will engage in a totally voluntary way to contribute to the creation of green areas, compensating the emissions of some of their activities or products.
The results of the partnership will be monitored every six months in order to make transparent the environmental benefits of the project.