Rumundu project was born to give a voice to a community of people and to tell their stories. The idea is to traveling around the world and writing down stories. Stories of microcosms and sustainable lifestyles that counter the consumerist models. Different points of view and different lifestyles from people who decide to live in eco villages to the multi-national companies and their social responsibilities will be considered.

The ideator of the project is Stefano Cucca a 34 years old former manager and consultant for various companies in Italy and abroad. In 2013 he left his two jobs, one at a start up company that he helped build and one as a management consultant.

Objectives and beneficiaries

Stefano Cucca is traveling alone so that he can talk with people and share their stories, thoughts, and habits. His stories about different places in the world will be told through the people who live there, through their gestures, culture, clothes and traditions and this will help people to connect with different life styles.

Strong points of the practice

The connection with other people and cultures.

Expected results and benefits for climate change adaptation and mitigation

The practice has a strong educational potential to sustainability life styles.