WB Report assesses impacts of water scarcity on economy and conflicts

The World Bank released a new report “High and Dry: Climate Change, Water, and the Economy”, explaining risks and impacts of water scarcity exacerbated by climate change on economic growth, migration and conflicts. The report shows that both regions currently aboundant or short-supplied by water can face water scarcity due to climate impacts and increasing demand (…)

Smart Agriculture in a Climate Changing World – CMCC Event at EXPO 2015

A dialogue between private sector, policy makers, scientists and experts to explain how and in which way climate change is interacting with agriculture and food related sectors and cultures. The event is organized by CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change), the Italian center that develops international research on climate change and its interactions with the (…)

Advancing farming: reports put climate- and water- smart agriculture on the top of the agenda

Agricultural water has been for decades viewed under conventional irrigation  attention in terms of public investment to other agricultural water management practices, such as rain water harvesting, that are of much relevance for smallholder-based cases. This among the key message of the Sourcebook on Water-Smart Agriculture in East Africa edited in collaboration by the Global Water Initiative East Africa (GWI-EA), CARE, the CGIAR (…)